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We are looking for new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team (see openings) !

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Milan P Allan

Associate professor, started Jan 2015

Jiasen Niu

Postdoc, started Oct 2020

  • PhD with Xi Lin and Jian Wei, Peking University

  • BSc Jilin University

Yudai Sato

Postdoc, started September 2023

  • PhD with Yukio Hasegawa at the University of Tokyo

  • Master, University of Tokyo

Tjerk Benschop

Postdoc, since 2023

  • PhD Student, 2018-2023
  • Master Leiden University with Milan Allan
  • Casimir PhD fellowship

Meng Li

Postdoc, since 2023

  • PhD, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with Hong-Jun Gao.

  • BSc University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Thomas Gozlinski

Postdoc, since November 2023

Amber Mozes

PhD Student, started September 2021

  • Master Applied Physics, TU Delft

  • Casimir/Nanofront PhD fellowship

Maialen Ortego Larrazabal

PhD Student within a collaboration with the Swart Lab

  • Master Leiden University

  • BSc, University of the Basque Country

Sanghun Lee 이상헌

PhD Student

  • Master Yonsei with Doohee Cho

  • BSc, Yonsei University

Kees van Oosten

FFine mechanical engineer (also associated with the FMD)

  • Leidse instrumentmakers School

  • Associate degree Mechanical Engineering, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen

Hugo van Bohemen

Fine mechanical engineer (also associated with the FMD)

  • Leidse Instrumentmakers School

Ilse Kuijf

Shared PhD student in the van Nieuwenburg group, working with us

  • Master Leiden University

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Master and Bachelor Students


Gijsbert Verdoes

In the Allan Lab 2015 - 2018, now Project manager at the FMD
Role: Fine mechanical engineer associated with the FMD working in our group

Irene Battisti

In the Allan Lab Jan 2015 to June 2019, now R&D scientist at Nearfield Instruments
Role: PhD student

Doohee Cho

In the Allan Lab May 2017 to June 2019, now assistant professor at Yonsei University
Role: Postdoc

Maarten Leeuwenhoek

In the Allan Lab December 2015 to February 2020, now design engineer at ASML
Role: PhD Student, shared with the Groeblacher lab at TU Delft under a NanoFront grant.

Freek Groenewoud

In the Allan Lab 2018 - 2020
Role: Fine mechanical engineer (also associated with the FMD)

Damianos Chatzopoulos

In the Allan Lab Dec 2017 - Dec 2021, now at Rabobank
Role: PhD Student, started December 2017

Willem Tromp

In the Allan Lab 2018 - 2022
Role: PhD Student, started September 2018

Kaveh Lahabi

In the Allan Lab for a short time in 2022 as a Veni fellow, before starting his group.
Role: NWO Veni fellow, collaborating with us and the van der Sar lab

Koen M Bastiaans

In the Allan Lab from 2015 - 2023 as a MSc student, then PhD (cum laude, Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa prize), and postdoc.
Role: NWO Veni fellow, collaborating with us and stationed in the Otte Lab

Jinwon Lee

In the Allan Lab from 2021 - 2023 as a postdoc
Role: Postdoc, started July 2021

Jianfeng (Jacky) Ge

In the Allan Lab from 2019 - 2023 as a postdoc
Role: Postdoc, started Oct 2019

Former visitors, BSc/ MSc students


Nikolaos Iliopoulos, Spring 2016

Vitaly Fedoseev, all of 2016

Alexander Vanstone (Imperial), Spring 2016

Ramakrishna Aluru, Summer 2018

Changwei Zou (Tsinghua), Spring 2018

Kemal Demir (Bilkent), Summer 2019

Vincent Stalman, 2019

Master students

Maarten Leeuwenhoek, Spring 2015

Koen M Bastiaans, Spring 2015

Farshaad Hoeseni, Fall 2015

Oliver Ostojic, Spring 2016

Tjerk Benschop, Spring 2016

Bert Visscher, Fall 2017

Ahmad Jamalzada, Fall 2017

Corne Koks, Fall 2018

Damian Bouwmeester (TU Delft), Summer 2019

Rosanne Wijgman (RU), Fall 2019

Rebecca Gharibaan (TU Delft), Fall 2020

Rémi Claessen, Fall 2020

Amber Mozes (TU Delft), Fall 2020

Evert Stolte, Spring 2021

Sergio Barquero Pierantoni, Spring 2021

Maialen Larrazabal Ortego, Spring 2021

Allard Nieuwesteeg, Spring 2021

Thijs van den Munckhof, Spring 2022

Ilse Kuijf, Spring 2023

Mats Brinkman, Fall 2023

Suzanne van Noordt, Fall 2023

Mats Brinkman, Fall 2023

Bachelor Students

Vishnu Saj (IIT), Spring 2017

Arjo Andringa, Spring 2016

Joey Braspenning, Spring 2017

Tjerk Benschop, Summer 2017

Daniëlle van Klink, Spring 2016

Margot Leemker, Spring 2017

Sietske Lensen, Spring 2017

Jasper van Egeraat, Spring 2018

Ringo Groenewegen, Spring 2018

Amber Vervloet, Spring 2019

Pascal de Jong, Spring 2021

João van der Ven, Spring 2022

Sebastian Bos, Spring 2022

J.C. Steenbergen, Spring 2022

Marijn van der Horst, Spring 2022

Administrative Support

Ellie van Rijsewijk is helping us (and other groups) with administration.